Sabtu, 10 Januari 2015


Hai, really really longgggg time I never post simply cheap style HAHAHA
Really fashion entushiast but never good my face for camera lol <-true:')))
Once, I don't hv 'good camera' too I just hv my camera ponsel....
And, my 2015 I starting make my 'moslem style' I wanna tell the world, Moslems not teroris, No!!! I am pround to be a moslem, just annoying people make 'moslem' for bad action:((( moslem peacefull;)))

Chek this out
*cheers* ;)

Simply, no beautifull queen just be ur self<3

This is simple stuff on my bag!!
Ps: I d0n't hv make up, it's Really;'>

Wedges, Fr
*ignore my bad feet xD*

Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014


        Top : Diery // Jacket by Gaudi
     Bottom : Old Navy // Shoes : Gosh
                          X O X O

         Simply casual, Jeans jacket actually must have!!! Why? Jeans jacket can wear with everything also dress, and make you more 'chic'. Yes?
Enjoy ~

Selasa, 18 Maret 2014

It's called, Happiness

Outfit Of That Day ➖ #OOTD
Hi, my Tops is DIY by self and my girl, Pramesti Kun Hardini I called, Sugaaarr❤️

Anyway, longtime no post, I am on the way better (mean: be good woman with hijab and cowls) HOHO🙏
I wanna focus for my future 'cause yea the reality is 'I am impossible for being fashion blogger' HAHA I'm simply daily life like ordinary not too rich for much what I wear✌️ I am Indonesian culture, especially Java. So, working on government is great job, not to bad for future #LOLfact

It's time where I feeling 'real' happiness. Long time no see this girl, more pretty more fabulous more and more😊😚 (hope, you don't forget we will traveling to singapore 'on succeed' someday)

Thankyou for happiness timing.
See you soon, 💪Alloh Blessing.